Brett Howard Sproul

Photographer | Graphic Artist

What is a Giclee Print

Camel Cigarette Pack (blue) by Brett Howard Sproul. Giclee print of a Camel cigarette pack, an original photo taken by Brett Howard Sproul. Graffiti Truck - Mitsubishi with Trees by Brett Howard Sproul. Giclee print of graffiti-covered Mitsubishi truck, an original photo taken in San Francisco, California. Handicapped Man Collecting Donations 2 - Bangkok, Thailand by Brett Howard Sproul. Giclee print of a handicapped man collecting donations, an original photo taken by Brett Howard Sproul. Hires Root Beer Bottles - Knobby by Brett Howard Sproul. Giclee print of knobby Hires Root Beer soda glass bottles, antique collectible. Doll (girl, fully intact) by Brett Howard Sproul. Giclee print is of an antique, vintage girl doll fully intact

What is a Giclee Print?

A Giclee Print is a beautiful custom-made inkjet print, created with archival paper & pigment-based inks. These fine art prints have remarkable richness of color, outstanding image quality and unprecedented archival permanence.

Qualities that Make a Giclee Print Truly Remarkable

Continuous Tone Color

The continuous tone giclee printing process creates images with superb detail, remarkable image quality and a very even, extended tonal range with no half-tone dots.

Seven Color Printing Process

The new pigment based inks and revolutionary digital printing heads, create prints with exceptional color accuracy, outstanding detail and unprecedented archival stability.

Extended Color Range

Traditional printing has a 5-6 stop dynamic range. The Giclee process has an 11 stop dynamic range resulting in prints with a very wide “color gamut,” richer darks, wide mid-range values and expanded highlight detail.

Archival Stability

The newly developed pigment based inks and fine art media create prints with an archival durability unmatched in the history of printing. The prints maintain their color accuracy & image stability for 150+ years.

Fine Art Fiber Based Paper

Giclee are printed on 100% acid free, pH buffered paper. Their luxurious weight, texture and finish give giclee prints a true “museum quality” feel & appearance.

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