Brett Howard Sproul

Photographer | Graphic Artist

Asia Essay

Cyclo - Saigon, Vietnam by Brett Howard Sproul. An original photo of a Cyclo, taken during Brett’s travels in Saigon, Vietnam.

Asia – ESSAY

Asia Gallery is comprised of pictures from my first two Asian trips.
My first excursion through Asia occurred after I quit my job in San Francisco because I needed to relinquish the past and undertake new challenges.


I have always had great respect for Asian culture, which was partly developed through living off and on in Bangkok, Thailand. However, I had never traveled extensively through the region, much less from the perspective of an artist, so for nine months I experienced as much of Asia as I could.


It was surprising how similar, yet different, every culture is from one another, and my trip was as educational as it was humbling.


My second journey was undertaken for similar reasons, albeit of a more private nature.


I have always attempted to comprehend and find hope and meaning in society through my photography. I also try to reconcile my ideals with reality, which is never easy. Asia has been integral to this process. That was particularly true during my second Asian trip, which occurred under very challenging personal circumstances.


I remain extraordinarily grateful to the countries I visited and for the experiences I had, which helped me continue maturing as a person and an artist.