Brett Howard Sproul

Photographer | Graphic Artist

About the Artist

Mother With Son - Saigon, Vietnam by Brett Howard Sproul.

About the Artist
Art has always been a savior throughout my existence whether studying, experiencing or creating it, since the best transcends the harshness, indifference and pettiness of the world and its people and enters the realm of the sublime, where pure thought, emotion and the infinite, fragile transience of life and its overwhelming force truly exist. It is only within these rare, fleeting moments that I encounter genuine freedom and have full comprehension of what it means to be alive; an acute awareness far beyond the limitations of arbitrary words and one for which I can only express gratitude.

Cambodia - Phnom Bakheng Lion (front view row) by Brett Howard Sproul.

Hires Root Beer Bottles - Knobby by Brett Howard Sproul.

Rubbish Man (yellow red) by Brett Howard Sproul

Bicycle Tunnel 2 - Seoul, South Korea by Brett Howard Sproul.

Graffiti Van - Ford by Brett Howard Sproul.

That is not a world in which I can permanently reside, unfortunately, and I am unduly affected by my interaction with the other. That was something I was able to endure until 28 October 2005 when I became overwhelmed by misery and hopelessness and my life almost ended. It was then I had to begin again, in as much as that is ever really possible, and I did the best I could to make some semblance of peace with my past and stopped the self-destruction resulting from it.
I also stopped concentrating on my writing career and searched for a new means of expression; one that would immediately capture reality as I perceived it. My pictures are my prose and poetry now, and they convey the inventiveness, severe and subtle beauty, and underlying emotional and concrete truth I have always sought. They also help me find hope and meaning in society and reconcile my ideals with reality.
The subject matter that interests me resides primarily in the ordinariness and banality of daily existence, one where the truth about humankind and the world it continues to shape manifests itself in ways that most people tend to neglect, either through an apathy arising from continuous exposure or an initial lack of interest.
Such concern arose amongst the innumerable industrial wastelands of my Midwestern American youth, which remain my foremost artistic and humanistic influences. The decay, barrenness and harshness of these areas, and the hardships suffered therein, manifests itself in every picture I have created and ever will.
Other significant influences include Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity), a movement prominent in Weimar Germany that highlighted the tediousness of everyday existence and those who lived it, ultimately disintegrating society’s façade into subtly subversive and insightful art. The bold colors, forms, intensity and inventiveness of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the German Expressionist filmmakers, Jean-Luc Godard, Wong Kar Wai and the cinematography of Christopher Doyle also influenced me, as did the bold and subtle forms, colors and elegant simplicity of pre-modern Chinese, Japanese and Zen Buddhist art. The silver age Marvel Comics of my youth remain a significant influence as well.
I ultimately strive to present a challenging and diverse view of society so that it may inspire others to perceive it differently and perhaps achieve greater appreciation and understanding of the world in which we live.
Brett Howard Sproul